Planet B – Module for Sustainability and Civilizational Issues UMPRUM

We only have one planet. However, due to human activity, the Earth’s ecosystem is changing irreversibly, and everything else will change accordingly: the way we live, produce, move, eat or communicate. How will this process unfold and what will Planet B look like, is (partly) up to us. Planet B is a space for experimental practice and teamwork at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM). It invites Czech and international students of various artistic or design disciplines to engage with pressing challenges of today in a multidisciplinary setting.

Winter semester 2022: Toxic Futures

Our planet has been rendered permanently toxic. The way humans produce energy – no matter how “clean” the source – always leaves traces. Feral relics of nuclear energy, for instance, will metabolize in the soil, water, living organisms or built environment for thousands of years. And as we cannot rely on solid material or political boundaries anymore, we need to accept the situation of complexity, impurity and artificiality as a point of departure for any action. What will the toxic futures look like? Find out in our projects.

What’s next?

Planet B will reopen in winter semester 2023. The focus will be on future scenarios for more-than-water systems. Apply by June 30, 2023! Find out more under Apply.